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I help people become healthier, fitter, happier and more confident versions of themselves. Typically clients come to me because they have tried everything from the latest diet, to workouts in magazines that promise results in days, but they aren’t making any progress.

Often they will have used a Personal Trainer before who seemed to make up programmes on the spot, didn’t track their progress and was happy to take their money whilst watching them struggle. Their trainer wouldn’t set detailed, realistic goals and hold them accountable to those goals.

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The benefits of Strength & Conditioning training are well documented, we help our clients...


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Reaching your fitness goals means you cannot ignore your nutrition. Our clients benefit from personalised nutritional coaching.

  • I was a 30 year old who weighed more than he could lift. I think the appropriate term would be “skinny fat” and my body confidence was at an all time low. I duly joined the gym and messed around on treadmills etc. but was entirely intimidated to use the free weights area. I remember feeling disillusioned and demotivated, so much so that I was about to quit the gym and just go get fat. Until I happened to talk to Richard.

    My first impressions were that he was friendly and approachable. He seemed pleased to be talking to someone about their programme needs. It also struck me how muscular this man was so he obviously knew his stuff! Two trial sessions later and Richard has been my Personal Trainer ever since. During which I felt under no pressure to buy – he seemed to be enjoying himself just by helping - it was his knowledge and personality that won my business.

    We have trained together between three and five times per week on average for the last two years. It has transformed me. My body fat is low and I can deadlift and squat more than my body weight! I am in better shape than I have ever been and now get compliments on how I look.  My business suits and shirts are now tailored and I feel confident at the beach! My self confidence and emotional health have been improved as a result.

    Richard's programmes are tough but they really work. He spends hours researching different ideas to create bespoke programmes. He also changes or tweaks them periodically as we measure my results. Diet focus has always been a large part of his philosophy so diet plans along with the programmes and Richard's motivation make the full package.

    My personal journey in the gym has been hard work but I have enjoyed it. Personal training doesn't come cheap and, as a Scot, I would not spend as much as I have on one person unless I thought they were worth it. In my opinion Richard definitely is!

    Stuart PT Client
  • I have been training with Richard for over a year and during that time he has made significant improvement to my health and fitness.Richard has a strong positive attitude and arranges well-structured and varied sessions with an innate ability to know how much to "push the boundaries".  He is reliable,knowledgeable and personable.

    PaulaPT Client
  • I have trained with Rich for approximately 12 months. Richard is an excellent, personable trainer who has always focused on my specific needs - muscle gain and fat reduction. He is extremely motivated and driven and creates very intense sessions. They have always been well planned and thought out. I have known Richard for 2 years and feel I've made significant success as a result of his focused training. He is honest, committed and good fun and I would gladly recommend him to anyone.

    BenPT Client
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